Census 2020: Simply Good for Business

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January 21, 2020

The Census Can Help your Business!

Boost Your Business: Data from the census can give businesses valuable insights into products, customers, and markets. It can help you determine where your potential customers are located. Or, census data can help guide your decisions of which products to place on your shelves. Do you want to enhance your business using data? Look into how to do this here: census.gov/acs

As a business leader you are a trusted messenger in your community and can help motivate your employees and customers to respond to the census in March and April 2020!

Help Us Help You: Let's Get an Accurate Count!

Here are some ways you can help:

● Encourage employees to complete their census questionnaires online, by telephone, or by mail.
● Display posters, flyers, and information about the 2020 Census in stores, offices, and at community events.
● Include messages promoting the census on customer receipts, bills, employee pay statements, email newsletters, or other correspondence with customers or employees. 

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