Get your office recognized as a green business by the City of LA

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December 12, 2018

The City of Los Angeles Green Business Program is a free and voluntary program, launched by Mayor Garcetti, to provide free environmental consulting to businesses located in the City of LA, who are interested or active in the Sustainability movement. By completing certain steps, your actions will be recognized and you will receive the City of LA Green Business Certification, valid for 3 years. The flier is attached.

The process is simple: after registration, we come in for an onsite assessment of your space and review a checklist which includes looking at lighting, copy paper, cleaning & bathroom products, energy star equipment, recycling program, disposal of hazardous waste and more.

Through a point-based system, we then provide a report with recommendations to help you meet the measures and achieve certification.

There are many benefits to getting certified:

•   The program is at no cost to you

•   Save $ on energy, water and waste bills

•   Enjoy a marketing edge over the competition

•   Improve employee wellness and productivity

•   Conduct your business according to high values, for your employees and customers

•   Receive recognition as a community leader by the City of Los Angeles

•   Join the growing Green Business Community of LA

•   Join the larger California Green Business Network

•   Conserve valuable resources and protect the environment

•   Helps comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to the environment

•   Assists the City of LA reach its zero waste goals of 90% diversion or more by 2025

Register directly at REGISTRATION

Sandrine Cassidy