Open Temple Havdalah Soundbath on PBS NewsHouse

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January 21, 2020

(...and what it has to do with this week's MLK Sound Cleanse Shabbat)  

There's this study people are talking about and its' essential concern is this: 
"Millennials are Moving Away from Religion." And not only Millennials - Everyone.

PBS NewsHour came to Open Temple to report on why we continue to attract over 5000 people annually, over 60% of them Millennials and under 45. A bit of what I shared was this Essential Truth:  People are not losing interest in the content of religion; on the contrary, people are exploring LIFE'S BIG QUESTIONS now more than ever. The problem is not religion - it's the "Institutions" that are offering "Religion".

This Friday night, join some Radically Amazing Millennials -- Avi Sherbill, Jordana Reim, Justin Stein, Shira Fox, Zack Lodmer and the prophetic Zach Puchtel. All are Jewish Spiritual Leaders in their own right -
Re-enchanting Judaism through Sound Baths, Divine Rhyme, Meditation, Song, Spiritual Leadership, Yoga, and more. 

This is a Love-Invitation to attend Shabbat Take Me Higher; it's Parshat Shemot, which is the story of Exodus, and Moses' personal revelation with a God Concept. Open Temple Explores the Concepts of Personal and Communal Nevuah, Prophesy, through Moses, Martin Luther King, Jr., and YOU. 

There exists a potent power that 3500+ years of Judaism has on our hearts, and we defiantly break trend and declare that the Concept of Religion is not irrelevant nor out of style; indeed, our Concept of Religion exists in Every Silent Cry we Hear as we Pass Each Homeless Soul, Every Misunderstood Child, Each and Every Broken Heart Awakening to its Destiny. Indeed, Religious Thought helps us Understand our own Inner Torah narrative on this Human Soul Journey.

This Friday, we attune our bodies to receive
so that we Can Deepen our own Voices, Song and Soul Print. 

Judaism - as Relevant as Ever, as Alive as Ever, as Home as Ever. 
Right Here. Right Now.
Open Your Temple.

With Love and Torah Light, 
Rabbi Lori


Lori Shapiro, Rabbi, (310) 807-1611