SoCalGas News Release on Balanced Energy Policies that are Supported by Over 100 SoCal Governments

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October 08, 2019

Today SoCalGas applauded the more than 100 local governments across Southern California, representing approximately 6.75 million Californians, that have passed resolutions in support of affordable and balanced strategies to reduce emissions from buildings and that call on state policymakers to preserve consumers’ ability to choose either natural gas or electric appliances for their homes and businesses. The news release is attached. A link to the news release is also available here: SoCalGas Applauds More Than 100 Local Governments in Southern California that Pass Resolutions in Support of Balanced Energy Policies
These resolutions were passed in response in concern of the steps some state policymakers are taking to prohibit the use of natural gas in new buildings. State energy regulators are actively considering calls for new regulations that would eliminate natural gas use in new buildings and have also proposed programs that would result in existing natural gas customers paying for all-electric retrofits to existing homes.
Keeping energy costs down should be a top priority, especially at a time when California is undergoing what Gov. Newsom has identified as an affordability crisis, with skyrocketing costs on everything from
housing to child care. That requires keeping all solutions on the table that can help meet California’s clean energy goals, including renewable natural gas and hydrogen.
Earlier this year, SoCalGas committed to replace 20 percent of the natural gas the company purchases with renewable natural gas by 2030 – as part of a broad, inclusive and integrated plan to help achieve California's ambitious climate goals.

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