Summer Resources and Opportunities from the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti

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July 09, 2019

Boys and Girls Club in Los Angeles
Through a wide range of programs, the LA Boys and Girls Club works to create safe and inclusive spaces for all children.

  • Read about Boys and Girls Club programs here. 

Bureau of Sanitation
Wastewater Plant Tours: LA Sanitation offers free tours of their water reclamation facilities during which visitors can learn about what goes down the drain in their homes and businesses. Tours are a great opportunity for children and families to gain exposure to STEM education as they discover how water is used and travels through the city.

  • Read about Plant Tours and make an appointment here.

LASAN Open Houses: LA Sanitation and Environment hosts free open houses at refuse yards around the city. Each district yard is open to the public in a series of free Saturday events that showcase LA Sanitation’s residential curbside collection programs, trash trucks and equipment demonstrations, and also include facility tours, information booths, recycling games, and refreshments. The open houses are family-oriented events for people to learn about plants and recycling/waste.

  • Read about LASAN Open Houses here.

DCA Summer Arts Classes and Camps
DCA’s Arts Centers provide quality and affordable art classes, music classes, and summer camps for kids and teens. DCA’s Community Arts Division is offering summer programing from April 30th - August 6th through eight Arts Centers located throughout the City.

  • Read about DCA Summer Arts Classes and Camps here. 

  • Explore program locations here and here.

Girls Move LA
Girls Move LA is part of Mayor Garcetti’s movement to empower young women to chase their dreams and chart a brighter future. In classrooms, on sports fields, and inside City Hall, the City is creating opportunities to ensure girls have the strength, skills, and support they need to succeed. (Many of the opportunities below are available to kids of all genders.) Read about Girls Move LA programs here.

Civic Youth Leadership Council: This council provides youth and young adults between the ages of 14-24 with the opportunity to become civic leaders in their community. Participants will participate in Neighborhood Councils and Los Angeles events with like-minded young people from across the city. 

  • Read about the Civic Youth Leadership Council here. 

Full Steam Ahead: An integrated science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) program located at the LA Public Library that helps children and adults develop curiosity, creativity, and persistence.

Girls Play LA: The program focuses on making sports available to all girls, encouraging healthy lifestyles and friendship through exercise.

  • Read about Girls Play LA here.

Hire LA’s Youth: A program that provides job opportunities for Angelenos between the ages of 14-24. In addition to providing work experience, the program offers training opportunities, on-the-job mentoring, and financial literacy workshops. 

  • Read about Hire LA’s Youth here.

  • Find job application resources here.

IgniteLA: In this 6-week course, young women learn about the City’s legislative processes, the Mayor’s Executive Directives, and the City programs/resources available to the public. This course aids young people in becoming active in their Los Angeles community. 

  • Read about IgniteLA here

LA College Promise: This program provides one year of free enrollment to all full-time students graduating from LAUSD and charter high schools beginning in the year 2017. This is an excellent first step to help students succeed in college and beyond. 

  • Read about the LA College Promise program here. 

LAFD Cadet Program: Recommended for young adults from 14-20 years of age who are interested in working alongside Los Angeles Fire Department members and learning the responsibilities of a firefighter. Upon completion of the program, cadets are eligible to attend the Cadet Academy and further enhance their skills as they work towards careers in the fire service. 

  • Read about the LAFD Cadet Program here. 

  • Explore program locations here.

LAFD Candidate Advancement Program: A free service that helps potential LAFD candidates become physically fit and accustomed to the rigorous training environment that a recruit will encounter in the training academy.

  • Read about the LAFD Candidate Advancement Program here. 

LAFD Girls’ Fire Camp: A two-day program designed to provide a glimpse of the life of an LA firefighter. The course, led by active duty LAFD female firefighters and cadets, is intended for girls ages 14-18 interested in exploring a possible career in the LAFD.  

  • Read about LAFD Girls’ Fire Camp here.

LAPD Cadet Program: The program provides a variety of academic, leadership, and law enforcement skills, laying the foundation for civilian employees to become members of the police force. 

  • Read about the LAPD Cadet Program here. 

  • Find the LAPD Cadet application here.

LAPD Pledge to Patrol: A part-time, paid apprenticeship program with the Los Angeles Police Department for young people aspiring to become police officers. 

  • Sign up for more details here.

LAPD Police Orientation Preparation Program: A unique educational experience that allows law-enforcement students to witness an LAPD training environment. This is a rigorous two-year program that enables high school seniors and college freshmen to obtain an Associate's degree and/or transfer to a four-year university before applying to the LAPD. 

  • Read about the LAPD Police Orientation Preparation Program here.

Mayor’s Youth Council: A one-year empowerment program for Los Angeles high school students that motivates its members to advocate for issues in their community. Membership applications are available on the website linked below. While the program does not begin until the school year, the application will open for the summer.

  • Read about the Mayor’s Youth Council here.

LA Animal Services Volunteer Program
LASS offers a volunteer program for youth interested in making a difference in the lives of abandoned and orphaned animals. Volunteers should be willing to assist the public and work with the staff in animal shelters and at on-site and off-site adoption events. Duties range from walking and playing with animals to assisting with adoptions and grooming. Volunteer opportunities are available during LASS business hours; Tuesday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. and Sunday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. 16 and 17-year-olds can volunteer without a guardian whereas 12-15-year-olds will need an adult to volunteer alongside them.

  • Read about the LASS Volunteer Program here.

  • Find the volunteer application here.   

The Department of Recreation and Parks offers free programs and activities to youth ages 5-17 with a focus on the arts, physical health, fitness, creativity, drama, martial arts, dance, music, gymnastics, self defense, skateboarding, sewing, science, sports, and creative play. Classes and activities are led by highly skilled and specialized instructors. 

Recreation & Parks
After School Programs: Opportunities for kids to socialize, collaborate, receive homework assistance, and more. 

  • Read about After School, Reading, and Toy Loan Programs here.

*Click on program of interest to explore locations near you.

Cheerleading and Drum Corps: Cheerleading and Drum Corps classes for all genders.

  • Read about Cheerleading and Drum Corps here.

*Click on program of interest to explore locations near you.

Day Camps and CSI Camps: Day Camps offer enrichment activities such as art projects, music, sports, and swimming. Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Camps are six-week programs that teach participants about crime scene investigation, equipping them with the forensic skills necessary to solve hands-on experiments and mysteries.

  • Read about Day Camps and CSI Camps here. 

*Click on program of interest to explore locations near you.

Junior Programs: A wide range of activities for children between ages 9-17, including Junior Lifeguarding, Golfing, and Ranger Programs.

  • Read about Junior Lifeguarding, Golf, and Ranger Programs here. 

*Click on program of interest to explore locations near you.

Play Areas and Splash Pads: Modern play structures and water areas where young children can play and develop physical coordination and strength. 

  • Read about Play Areas and Splash Pads here.

*Click on program of interest to explore locations near you.

Summer Lunch Program: The Summer Lunch program offers a great way for kids to get together during the summer for food and fun! Meals are prepared through assorted vendors and provided by Parks & Recreation staff.

  • Read about the Summer Lunch program here.

*Click on the program to explore locations near you.

Teen Clubs and HEAT Programs: Teen Clubs offer youth the opportunity to come together and have fun in safe, supportive environments. The HEAT Program offers high-energy activities for teens, promoting healthy, active lifestyles for youth ages 13-17. 

  • Read about Teen Clubs and HEAT Programs here.

*Click on program of interest to explore locations near you.

Tiny Tots: This program helps prepare children ages 3-5 for preschool and kindergarten by introducing them to basic counting, spelling, art, and taking them on educational field trips. 

  • Read about Tiny Tots here. 

*Click on the program to explore locations near you.

 LAUSD Free Meals to Youth
To help children stay well-nourished during summer break, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is hosting a summer meals program for youth ages 1-18  from June 10th to July 26th, although some campuses will have a shortened calendar. Starting June 13th, lunch will be served at schools offering LA’s Best Enrichment Program and starting June 17th, meals will begin at schools offering Beyond the Bell Youth Services. Additional summer meal services will begin on June 19th. 

  • Read about LAUSD Free Meals here.

  • Explore locations and dates here

LA Youth at Work
LAYAW offers young people between the ages of 16-24 workshops where they can learn what employers expect and practice interviewing with professional mentors. Upon completion of the workshop, participants can earn a certificate honored by local businesses preparing to hire interns and job applicants.

  • Read about LA Youth at Work here.

The Salvation Army Youth Services 
The Salvation Army's youth programs address issues of gangs and youth violence by serving as an oasis for children in troubled neighborhoods. Through youth and pre-school/after-school service programs, the organization provides low-income and underserved children and their families with opportunities to participate in sports, clubs, and the arts. Programs are located at the Hollywood Weingart Center, South LA, Siemon Center, LA Red Shield, Glendale the Zone, and Henley Youth Center in Tustin Ranch. 

  • Read about Salvation Army Youth Services and explore locations here. 

Student Worker Program
The Port of Los Angeles Student Worker Program provides undergraduate and graduate students with paid opportunities for experiential learning, networking, and personal development. Applications for student worker positions are accepted year-round and filled throughout the year.

Youth Job Fair
An event to connect young Angelenos to summer and permanent job opportunities with some of the finest retailers in Southern California. The Find Your Future Youth Job Fair enables youth and young adults to meet retail leaders, gain new skills, and secure employment. .

  • Read about the Youth Job Fair here.


Bonus Ideas for Adults

Bureau of Street Lighting
Property owners can request street lighting on the street adjacent to their property. 

  • Read about Street Lighting Requests here.

Department of Water & Power
Landscape Training Classes: LADWP provides free introductory California Friendly Landscape Training (CFLT) classes for customers. These three-hour Saturday classes provide a cursory overview of the benefits of a California Friendly landscapes.

  • Read about Landscape Classes and training schedules here. 

Turf Replacement Program: LADWP offers a Turf Rebate joint program with the Metropolitan Water District to motivate property owners to transform their lawns into sustainable landscapes. The rebate recently increased from $2 to $3 per square foot, a 50% increase from what it used to be. 

  • Read about the Turf Replacement Program here.

Water Conservation Program: LADWP has created conservation programs to help residents learn more about what days of the week they should water, their water usage, conservation tips, as well as opportunities for free conservation devices and rebates on efficient appliances.

  • Read about the LADWP Water Conservation Program here.

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