The Teen Project Won Boys Town!

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December 12, 2018

Former Boys Town compoud has been sold to The Teen Project!! Read article below. 

Want to help? In order to be ready by Christmas, The Teen Project needs volunteers and items for the homes. 

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(Excerpt from
When Boys Town for troubled kids closed its doors high up on the ridge of Trabuco Canyon in the summer of 2017, a buzz ran through the charity community.

What would become of the 80-acre compound?

Rumor had it that several developers were offering to buy the picturesque property (with the $7 million price tag). No surprise there.

But then the first developer’s escrow fell through. And so did the second. This summer Boys Town went back to the third developer, Stone Building Corporation, and asked if they were still interested. They were.

President Gregg Stone plunked down an undisclosed amount. And then he did something unexpected. He set aside 12 of the 80 acres he had just bought, the acres where the five vacant Boys Town houses still stand, and he invited 28 Orange County charities to bid on the parcel.

Many were interested. The Orange County Rescue Mission. Colette’s Children’s Home. Grandma’s House of Hope. Olive Crest. Just which charity would wind up with the property has been the source of much speculation these past few months.

It was revealed Tuesday, Dec. 4.

The winning bid went to Lauri Burns, one of the worst juvenile delinquents around back in the day. A chronic group-home runaway, Burns wound up on the streets, selling her body for drugs. Then one night some thugs nearly beat her to death, and Burns turned it all around, devoting the rest of her life to saving foster girls like herself.

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