Venice Stakeholders File Appeal Brief in Public Nuisance Lawsuit Against City and County of L.A.

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November 10, 2017

Venice Stakeholders File Appeal Brief in
Public Nuisance Lawsuit Against
City and County of Los Angeles


(Venice, CA/11-6-17) The Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA) has filed its appeal brief in its lawsuit against the City and County of Los Angeles for maintaining a dangerous public nuisance along the Venice Boardwalk and Venice Beach Recreation Area, the public park that stretches from the Santa Monica border to the Marina del Rey jetty.

The VSA’s action is an attempt by residents “to stop the City and County of Los Angeles from maintaining truly disturbing nuisances on their property which have far reaching implications for the health and safety of residents…”

The case arose from a verified complaint alleging (among other things) that the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles are each maintaining nuisances by, among other things, leaving health and safety hazards in open public spaces, including trash, feces, tampons, drug paraphernalia, human sewage, excrement, blood, urine, sleeping bags, bed rolls, tents, tarps, hammocks, camping equipment, umbrellas, canopies, furniture, canvasses, merchandise, bikes, carts, and more.  

The City and County have disputed this, contending they are keeping the area reasonably clean, but plaintiffs submitted evidence contradicting the City and County’s claims of regular maintenance and removal of the hazardous materials.

The evidence in this case presents a classic disputed issue of material fact which precludes summary judgment.

Venice Stakeholders also allege the city is allowing other nuisances on its property, including regular drug use, crimes, excessively loud noises, harassment, vandalism of surrounding properties, illegal camping on public property, regular blocking of sidewalks by bulky items, and many more specific, intolerable conditions visited upon plaintiffs and residents of Venice.

The Venice Stakeholders Association is dedicated to civic improvement.  The VSA supports slow growth, protection of the limits of the Venice Specific Plan, neighborhood safety, better traffic circulation, increased parking for residents,

neighborhood beautification projects, historic preservation, habitat restoration and protection of coastal waters.

Mark Ryavec, President
(310) 392-4843