VHSAS Excellence in Education Classroom Grants

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December 15, 2019
Friends and Supporters of Venice High School,
We have just completed our selection of the Excellence in Education Classroom Grants for the 2019-2020 school year. Your generous donations made it possible to award $14,000.00 to grant recipients. The recipients this year will be using their funding for equipment, technology, supplemental reading materials, various supplies for labs and special projects, and enrichment activities that will broaden our student’s perspectives. We also provide dollars to departments that typically do not receive extra funding from the District such as music, drama, and the school newspaper. The teachers at Venice High School continue to work collaboratively, develop interdisciplinary lessons and strive to improve learning for all students. 
Please join us in support of Venice High School by writing a check to the
Ex in Ed/VHSAA (Excellence in Education/Venice High Alumni Association)
and mail to 2435 Walgrove Ave., LA, CA 90066